Friday, November 25, 2016

Why the force is never with Indian movie makers

Leaving earlier than usual from office after 5 weeks of hectic work, I felt lost for an activity and decided to take the risk of watching a supposedly action packed movie.

Every Indian movie (please excuse the exaggeration), has that one naive, dumb stupid character who behaves against common sense, giving the writer another 20 min to add, after which this character does an encore.

No one can better perform this than Sonakshi Sinha. She is still to lose the innocence of Dabangg in  Force 2, a movie she is acting as an agent of RAW, going against every logic and restraining the more cop-like John Abraham (not a surprise after practicing multiple cop movies) at every juncture where the movie could have climaxed.

While John goes around like an intelligent cop, Sonakshi is still trying to find the talent in her dry DNA- otherwise her only ticket into Bollywood.

I appreciate directors and story writers coming up with better stories, but there is a lot to improve on subtlety and finesse to make spy movies. It's the small things that matter. I cringed when Sonakshi brandished an ID with 'RAW' printed in font size 36 openly. I could have made better looking ID cards in my 5th grade.  Our directors have a 44th chromosome called cliche. The villain walks in with 5 underdogs, but the hero ends up fighting 23 of them, while still chasing our dear villian in the too common picturesque gullies we are used to seeing now. And in the middle of it all, the sleazy directors cannot do without inserting an item song that makes it worse, maybe some respite in a Sonakshi movie, but unfortunately it seemed to have faced the cut in Malaysia, a muslim country where I had the displeasure of watching it.

Unlike movies where the director is unable to come up with intelligent plots, resorting to grand action , (think  Dhoom 3)this movie has some sense of intelligent plot in chasing the villain down ( of course ignoring the Sonakshi parts). I walked away hoping our real RAW agents are nothing like what is displayed here, and strengthening my resolve to stay far away from Sonakshi Sinha.