Friday, May 21, 2010

Kites:A **view

Firstly, I must thank Karunanidhi for getting me up close to Barbara Mori from the first row of Inox. For 10 bucks. Prices of first two rows in cinemas are regulated. Even the rest of the rows, though at 120 bucks.

This is not going to be a Review. Becoz it's a movie that's best watched in ignorance. In not knowing what is next. Suffice to say that, in such ignorance, it has moments that keeps you hovering at that millisecond before your first kiss.

Watching Hrithik Roshan dancing and Sachin Tendulkar batting gives you a kind of spiritual orgasm. Don't miss some of the moves.

Barbara Mori seemed to have a on-off switch when it comes to her beauty. But when it comes to the lips of Jessica Biel and the shape of Katrina Kaif's mouth, that tongue-in-the-teeth half smile of Barbara takes you in fully.

The first half has 'time' that chases to keep up with the movie! You remember just putting the first corn in your mouth and the screen says "Interval". It's an hour since that first pop corn went in. It's probably even digested, unless your stomach is busy trying to swallow Barbara Mori's Mallika-like-waist across the swathe of the screen in her introductory scene.

You have watched the trailers probably. Forget them when you go for the movie. Forget any rumors. Forget everything. Or else, you will miss the orgasm.

P.S.: A final word of caution. Don't go over the hill. It's not the best movie ever, but rest assured, it's one of the good ones in recent times. Time will fly faster than a kite!


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  2. i think u got overwhelmed cing barbara!!!i dint think it was dat gr8!!!eventho i njoyed cing hrithik....infact 2 hours seemed so long!!!!

  3. u saw hrithik, i saw barbara.....its the same....gender perspective!! ;)