Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life's small unsolved mysteries

How many times did you wake up to a fact, but don't remember the story behind it?

Today was one such day. Night rather. I woke up because my little finger on my right hand was hurting like hell had stepped on it.....it was 4.30 am. The last time I woke up at 4.30 am was about 4 years back in college to mug for some horrible exam set by some obnoxious professor.....The thinking part of my brain was still asleep, while the 'pain-feeler' part seemed to be widely awake and vigorously active. It took me a minute to recover from my disorientation and discover which side my pillow is and therefore by common sense, where my legs would be.

I nudged my thinking cells awake and tried to travel past in time by an hour or two. I could vaguely remember I had a dream-like experience where my little finger started to pain. But how did it start?? I got up, brushed, ate a piece of laddoo, took a pain killer and sat on my bed in deep contemplation of what could be the cause. Did I crush my finger under my head?? No...my head isn't so heavy, though I always joke my brain significantly contributes to my weight. I didn't find anything around me that could possibly accommodate my finger beneath it.

My digestive system that normally takes about 43 minutes to digest a full meal, seemed to be gleefully digesting that painkiller in slow motion. It's revenge for all that I send down throughout the day and night. I needed to distract my mind. So I watched an episode of 'How I Met Your Mother'. Robin Scherbatsky was extremely distracting! Attraction does cause distraction! Wow..thats an oxy-moron-ic sentence!

Or could it be my flat mate on a sleep walk who over stepped the mess around me to accidentally land on my finger? Looks likely, but I won't know until later in the day.

But in most probability, it will remain a mystery that will be forgotten once the pain disappears....until then, my grey cells will suffer from lack of insomnia.

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