Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pyar Impossible

Well, trying my hand at writing a movie review.

I went to the movie expecting a fun filled love story between a geek and a goddess in a college. Turns out the trailers were misleading. The college story ends in about 5 minutes if the song is discounted. Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra) saves an extremely spoiled brat that Alisha(Priyanka Chopra) is when she falls into water trying to catwalk down the parapet wall of a bridge. The director doesn't allow PC to meet and thank UC so that this can form a guilt and repentance sequence later in the movie.

7 years later, Mr Geek creates an operating system that he is foolish enough to leave his laptop unlocked while meeting a wily probable investor-Dino Morea. I still don't see the purpose of a discrete pen-look-alike pen drive Dino uses to steal the software while UC is busy making a call to his dad for every half a decision. Of course, his dil ki dadhkan is still PC.

UC follows Dino to Singapore to discover that Dino actually used an alias. In another dreamy sequence he sees his love step out from a car. For the 'n'th time the world freezes when he sees her with a background score screeching 'Alishaaaa' and so does your interest freeze.

PC is the PR head of a company to which Mr. Varun (Dino) is trying to sell his stolen software. I wonder how PR head doesn't have a car and travels in a taxi. UC stalks her to discover that a 5th nanny quits due to the loving and cute monster daughter that PC has. So PC is a divorced single mom. And UC has no issues. UC is mistaken for th 6th nanny. The director then forces a 'breathless' from PC, and an unmanly UC doesn't get a chance to speak up. So he ends up doing daily chores. I find it over the top to see Priyanka's 6 yr old daughter plotting to hook-up UC to PC while a budding relationship develops between Alisha and Varun.

The final sequence begins with a confrontation of the 3 main characters. Varun conveniently reverses the story saying UC is a thief. UC, still maintains his dumbness. Priyanka realizes in few minutes that UC has been in love with her for 7 years. The guilt sequence is here. She redeems herself by revealing to the world the true story about the creator of that software.

The movie is filled with cliches and you keep wondering, why the hell is not Abhay speaking up, at many points.

Overall, go to the movie only if you want to see PC in ultra-minis that probably make her underpants feel guilty of covering too much.


  1. not bad for a first try dude...keep it will only get better wid time....would love to read ur review of MNIK...only pls try n keep it short...cheers...

  2. thanks for saving d humanity from d torture of yet another UC flick!!!

    good work :)

  3. Good one bro.. dont stop at this ..keep them coming. expecting many more reviews from u:)

  4. hmm...i lyk this review better than the sms reviews i get frm u!!vaise try not to reveal the entire plot of da movie...for dis movie, its f9 coz not many wud b interested to c UC (dunno abt priyanka tho)...but yeah if its for kites or guzaarish or MNIK...u better not write all!!

  5. Lol,
    Love the last few lines. Lamo!

  6. are you giving review or telling the plot to everybody???? better dont do this for good movies especially which have twists

  7. my intent is to prevent anyone frm seeing it except for d last line!!